Made For Physicians

Telemedicine apps tend to be bulky or rebranded corporate solutions. Our app is purpose built for healthcare staff & doctors.

" Paragon Telehealth app is the BEST THING EVER and its brilliant for both patient and physician."
Kim Yong

Experience design made for Doctors

Working closely with doctors we’ve developed features and communication that isn’t a distraction to your everyday workflow. 

Communication on your Terms

Patients have access to all the benefits of real-time video and phone visits, but these have to be requested as a “visit” first. You control your schedule. Messaging is direct because it is not real-time. You always have control over your communication. 

Patient roll out made simple

With all the tools you need for communicating to your patients, Paragon Telehealth offers you, prepared materials, training videos and support to make sure that no matter how savvy your patient population is they can use our app. 

fall in love with our features

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Limited Access Video Visit

Patients must request a video visit ahead of time, like any other appointment. Practices retain control over the schedule. However, Doctors can initiate a video call at any time.

Patient Actions & Tasks

Need to improve compliance? Our app has custom patient task lists that let you set actions and track patient entries.

Appointment Requests

Appointment requests are simple and don't require plug-ins. They conveniently send a secure message to the staff.

Secure Text Messaging

Texting within the app is compliant and can be initiated by a patient or physician. Physicians can respond as needed.

Feature Customization

Features can be customized for usage. For instance, if you don't wish to use the appointment request feature, it can instead be linked to an existing system you do use.

Easy to use

Your app is pre-loaded with your patients, removing an extra step for them. They just need to sign-in one time.

Take the next step

It has never been easier to have a telehealth solution for your practice. Get the pricing and license information now.

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